Marling School Target Fund

The Marling School Target Fund is aiming to raise £5,000 to purchase a Key Stage 3 laser cutter. Mr Berry, Head of Design Technology, said: “We strongly believe that all students of Marling School should have access to the latest computer-aided manufacturing techniques. Our existing laser cutter is now in its eleventh year of operation and student demand on this specialised equipment has never been higher. The purchase of a new laser cutter would ensure all students can access this technology as part of their curriculum and have a greater frequency of use in their project work, enabling deeper learning and faster progression for all.” If you would like to make a voluntary contribution towards this fund, please send a cheque made payable to Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust or visit your ParentPay account. With many thanks in advance for your support.

Land Sale Consultation

Plan for identification purposes only.

Marling School and Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust (CBAT) are consulting on plans to dispose of unused playing field land to the South of the school site, located per the map above.This land is currently classed as ‘playing field’ land.

We are keen to ensure that this proposal is supported by our Marling School community. We are consulting with parents and staff, as well as the local community more widely, to give their views and feedback on the proposal to dispose of the unused land. This land is currently classed as ‘playing field’ land, identified in the above plan but has not been used by the school for approximately 20 years.

Depending on the results of this consultation, Marling School and CBAT plan to apply to the Secretary of State for Education for permission to continue the project. The Trust plans to use the funds raised to improve the existing sporting facilities for students and the local community. This will likely involve the installation of a 4G all-weather pitch, alongside additional facilities such as new changing rooms, cricket nets and a long jump pit, subject to costings.

A separate consultation will be undertaken by the relevant developer regarding their proposed use of the land.

We welcome any comments you may have on the proposals. Please submit these by sending in your comments to Comments can also be mailed to: AMR Consult Ltd, 4 Sudrey Street, London SE1 1PF.

The deadline for comments is Thursday 10 November 2022.