Greenpower Car Challenge

Since September three teams of Year 12 students have been working on their entries to the Greenpower Car Challenge, requiring them to design and build a battery powered vehicle that will travel the greatest distance within a 60-minute time limit. Two of the teams have been designing their vehicle from scratch, using a range of STEM skills to develop the many elements of a successful car. So far the main focus has been the chassis design, looking into material options and construction techniques. With the recent ordering of some aluminium tubing we hope to see the first vehicle taking shape very soon. These teams are aiming to complete during the 2020/21 competition when a fully race ready vehicle should be completed. The third team have opted to use a pre-built vehicle donated by Siemens, which requires the electronics to be installed and a few tweaks to the design to be race ready. They have worked hard to understand the complexities of the car and identify improvements to ensure they are more competitive on the day. Ellie Edbrooke, an engineer currently working at Renishaw, has offered her support to the teams and is in regular contact to help the students with design and build advice.

In addition, all teams have been tasked with gaining sponsorship and raising funds to support their build and entry to the event. This has helped to develop their management, leadership and team working skills which will be invaluable as they begin their varied careers post A Level. The team utilising the Siemens vehicle hope to get this “moving” before half-term and ready to enter the practice events in April. With the competition heats beginning in May and the finals in late June time is against them but they are confident they will be successful.

If you feel you could offer any assistance, funding or materials for the project this would be very welcome. Please get in touch with Mr Green ( to discuss any potential involvement or support. More information on the project can be found on the Greenpower website (