STEM Poetry Competition Winner Announced

Dr Kennedy and Mrs Wittke ran a STEM poetry competition in which entries were invited to explore the infinite ways we are connected to the universe, the natural world, and one another. We are delighted to be able to present our winner, a poem by Owen Darlington in 7B...

‘About Us’ is our chosen topic,
An opportunity for us to teach those who are myopic,
But I'll focus on a discovery from 1869,
By Swiss scientist Friedrich Miescher, it’s DNA time!

Deoxyribonucleic acid,
The name itself is far from placid,
It may sound complex, but don’t be afraid,
Put simply they’re our building blocks - how we are made!

DNA looks like a twisted ladder,
Responsible for your brain, limbs and bladder,
DNA made the nuclei of our cells its home,
Which it shares with 46 chromosomes.

DNA could link you to places you never knew,
As your ancestors traveled to places new,
Ancestors made you and your kin,
And that’s how DNA got under your skin.

DNA is found in all that’s given birth,
It binds us to this beautiful earth,
But with climate change bringing the world great pain,
It’s DNA that will ensure life will remain.