Success at Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Successful Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

The challenge for Year 12 students consists of a 90 minute written paper, taken under exam conditions. The paper consists of two or three questions which contain parts that should be easily approachable, but also parts that are designed to challenge students a little further.

Aspiring scientists have a chance to compete on a national stage and those who can demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of the key principles of A Level chemistry can gain a copper level certificate. Those who show an outstanding understanding of the chemistry they have studied and can apply to new context, under time pressure will be eligible for a silver or gold level certificate from the University of Cambridge Chemistry Department.

Record numbers from Marling took part in this difficult challenge this year. All participants demonstrated an aptitude for chemistry. Two students gained a gold award and were among the top 5% of 6600 entrants nationwide. Six students gained a silver certificate (top 30%) and nine gained a copper certificate. A fantastic achievement!